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For professional brokers

How to obtain valuable leads whilst focusing on the customer.

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For smart investors

How to take a comprehensive look behind facades and invest successfully.

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For contemporary lenders

How to automatically monitor your portfolio and scan your properties.

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Solution for brokers

  • Use the potential of your website and win precious leads with it, with our lead generator.

  • Get a huge advance in mandate acquisition by being the first to get hot contact info with our private seller identification.

  • Improve your understanding of the past marketing history of an object and convince your customers with comprehensive knowledge, thanks to our historical data.

  • Increase your professionalism with impressive information summarized in a brochure, with our automated dossier creation.

Solution for investors

  • Instead of just a partial view of the property, get a complete overview with impressive additional information.

  • Save time and money in a real estate market made of glass objects in which you can invest unerringly.

  • Be informed at all times and fully automatically about changes to your objects.

  • Learn unique information about forecasts of market dynamics and location developments which are only available to real estate professionals.

Solution for lenders

  • Benefit from the unique object tracking and be the first who knows when the property you are financing returns to the market, with our portfolio monitoring.

  • Obtain a professional price estimate for any desired object effortlessly with one click, with our integrated price predictor.

  • Or examine your objects holistically with a few clicks and marvel at the precise object evaluation including price forecasts.

  • Get all object information attractively summarized with the latest market analysis, thanks to our automated dossier creation.